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What is Growtopia?

As Growtopia is rising in popularity around the world, increased number of people are joining every day to have their share of fun. However, the game itself can prove to be extremely time-consuming for those who take it seriously. If you want to excel in this game without putting all your real-world responsibilities aside, then the Growtopia Hack is something you have to try for yourself. The point of this growtopia hack tool is not to cheat the game’s mechanics online, but to just bypass that tiresome and repetitive portions that make the gameplay a chore rather than a fun activity.
What does this hack do? Well, it eliminates the need for you to grind through countless hours by giving you unlimited access to free gems, world lock, diamond lock, and other collectibles in just a few seconds. Yes! This is the reality, and it can be yours for free.

About Growtopia Hack

Everybody wants to enjoy the game regardless of how much time they can exclusively devote to playing it. However, many modern generation mobile phone games require players to go through countless hours of mindless activity for certain achievements and items, which acts as a dampener for fun. If you actually want to stay ahead of the competition, then growtopia cheats can help you in more ways than one. The best feature of this upcoming Growtopia Hack is that it is entirely safe for use, and you can either access it directly from the website or download it to your device. So, what exactly are the features that are in store? Let’s find out.

Advantages of using growtopia cheat

The upcoming Hack tool would offer a beautiful way to access cheats without spending too much time figuring out what to do. Some of the key components of this program are:
Add World Lock: This is an expensive item that allows players to restrict certain areas to specific people and have complete control over the areas. The world lock can be used to lock in the entire world, and it also permits the use of sheet music. The player can add users manually, set access to public, as well as disable sheet music as per their own convenience. This item is available on Growtopia in-game store and requires the player to exchange a hefty amount of 2000 gems to obtain one World Lock(WL). The user may also trade rare items to another player in return of the world lock. With the use of Growtopia Hack, the player can get an unlimited number of locks to use in-game. No survey, password or install; strictly online based. Accounts available upon request.

Add Diamond Lock: This lock functions exactly similar to a world lock, but is about 100 times costlier! To get a diamond lock playing the game, first, you need to collect 100 world locks and then compress them together to make one single diamond lock. Can you imagine how much time the entire process may take? Well, worry no more because with the use of this upcoming Growtopia Hack you can get as many diamond locks you desire by entering an amount. So, no more running around in circles; the game is about to get much more fun.
Add Gems: Gems are perhaps the most important category of items in Growtopia as it functions as the sole currency. While there are many ways to get gems, such as breaking blocks and harvesting trees, tools collecting a significant amount is actually a problem for those who cannot spend countless hours playing the game. With gems, you can buy different items and locks to use in game to proceed to further levels. Using the upcoming growtopia hacks, you can bring the gems right at your disposal whenever you want and how much amount you want. Things cannot get easier than this.

Gaming guide

Now that the hacking portion of this game has been covered let’s focus on getting better naturally at the game. These Growtopia tips will help you learn the game faster and progress through the levels with much ease. Some of the tips that you should keep in mind are:

1. The clothes of this game can be sold for various items, including world locks and clothes of other variety. So, make sure you to collect as many clothes as you can even if they are same.
2. If you tap on any block, you can see the self-punch icon which signifies punching. Tap the indir “Fist” prompt once to change it into a wrench. Tap on the wrench once to trade it to a person, which is essentially the trading function of this game.
3. There are many types of scams that take place in game that seeks to exploit genuine players. Most of these scams begin with the host asking the player to drop certain items in return for something else. Just stay clear of these scams and play the game as you normally would.

Everything for free

You can download Growtopia for free and take control of your own empire by building castles, paintings, dungeons, video and anything else that comes to mind. The game also offers tremendous flexibility to adapt to different play styles according to their preferences. Whether you want to play for fun in between work or become a hard-core player is entirely up to you.
What’s even better is that the hack tool for this game also doesn’t cost a dime and offers advantages that you can only imagine. It’s time you stopped worrying about spending excessive time glued to your mobile phone and started having fun playing this outstanding apk game.

About Growtopia

Growtopia is a game account developed by Mike Hommel and Seth Robinson, working as a graphic designer and programmer respectively. The game is available for iOS and Android devices and is actually a 2D MMO pixel art platformer that offers large content and countless hours of gameplay to players. You can play this game for months and still discover new and creative ways to interact with various game objectives in exchange of progressing to further levels. The world of Growtopia rewards the players for punching and building things by giving them achievements, in-game currency, items, collectibles, and much more.