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Do you consider it to be a waste spending money on add-ons and upgrades for a game that is supposed to be free? Do you also consider spending countless hours on a game doing repetitive tasks to progress and earn rewards and upgrades to be an unpleasant chore? To be honest, most of us play games to relax and unwind from our hectic lives and games which are very fun and entertaining but require you to invest money in it to be able to get an upper hand is indeed a shame. Thus, we have created a simple tool for the very popular game called Pou which would enable you to unlock lots of in-game items that you would otherwise need to unlock by spending real life money or spend countless hours in the game.

This Pou Hack does not mess with any of the in-game mechanics of the game, but all it does is enable you to add as many coins in the game as you want, lets you add as many potions as you want and the best of all it is a 100% ban safe. Coins and Potions are a vital part of the game without which your progress becomes hindered. Thus using this tool will allow you to have an edge over others and enable you to add lots of in-game items to customize your Pou.

About Pou

Pou is among the most successful apps today with several million downloads in the Google Playstore. This game lets you take care of a little triangular alien character that you have to pamper to make him grow bigger, evolve and be happy. You need to feed, clean, exercise, suit and put the character to sleep while you progress through the game. You can earn in-game coins through which you can purchase various kinds of costumes, decorations, and modifications of the environment of the game. One of the best features of this game is that you can actually communicate with Pous of other users of the app and earn loads of rewards as well.

About Pou Hack

Pou is a game which requires you to spend lots of money in order to purchase coins which allow you to buy clothes, food, potions and a lot of other things. This seems unfair provided that this is a game which is supposed to be free. The amount of coins rewarded by completing achievements is not enough to buy several essential items in the game, and a lot of users complain about this. This Pou hack enables you to add Pou coins as many as you want in the game. You would then not need to spend hours and hours of your precious time on this game just to be rewarded with a meager amount of coins.

The hack also enables you to add Pou potions as much as you want in the game. So basically this simple tool developed by us allows you to stay ahead of others and give you an advantage all the best part is that this hack is totally ban-safe unlike lots of other hacks available which are outdated to the infinito.

Features of Pou Hack/Baixar

Add Pou Coins: Coins are an important part of this game. It allows you to upgrade your character and buy valuable things such as expensive seafood, designer outfits, house architecture, potions and a lot of other essential items without which you will not be able to enjoy this game to the fullest. Most of these elements require quite a large number of coins, and you would need to invest an enormous number of hours in game to be able to gather enough for the upgrades, or you would need to spend money. This Pou hack uses innovative methods to allow you have access to as much coins as you want without having to waste any money or time. This cheats is a must get.

Add Pou Potions: Pou potions are in-game items that have different kinds of effects on your in-game character, i.e., the Pou. There are a variety of potions available all of which have different kinds of effects on your Pou. These potions are available in the indoor shop and require you to spend coins or real life money in order to purchase them. A small health potion requires you to spend 6 coins while a fat burner costs 20 coins. Other more expensive potions such as the Adult Potion and the Baby Potion both require you to pay $0.99 to buy. These potions are a crucial part of the game, and this hack enables you to add all of them instantly without having to spend real life money. This is a real advantage allowing you to stay ahead of others in the game.

Ban Safe: The best feature of this Pou Hack is the fact that it is completely Ban safe. This hack allows you to have the best of both worlds enabling you to get coins and potions as much as you want without your account getting banned. This is the latest hack for the game designed very recently and thus is up to date and unlike others is ban safe. The inbuilt ban protection system of this hack makes your account completely safe.

Essential Pou Tips

1. Feed your pet regularly: Pou ideally needs about 4 meals a day in order to keep him happy. Failing to feed your Pou would result in its health status declining.

2. Keep Pou Clean: Just like any real life pet; a Pou also needs cleaning. Clean your Pou regularly in order to keep it healthy and also earn coins in the process.

3. Use Potions to ensure good health: When you are unable, you take care of your Pou correctly it is highly advisable to use potions in order to bring back the Pou to its ideal health. Potions are a great way of keeping your Pou happy and healthy.

Ending Note

Pou is a very addictive game indeed and allows you to have a virtual pet. This is a game you would spend countless hours on and in the process, it will provide you with immense enjoyment. This Pou hack lets you get the best of out of your game without being afraid of getting your account suspended. So go ahead and download it. Infinitas.Pou dinheiro infinito.